How To Control Your Obesity

Physiological Impact

Let’s be honest here about the issue of obesity. Regardless of whether the cause is genetic or a result of uncontrolled eating habits, the health implications are significant and can be severe. Chronic health issues such as diabetes and arthritis are common with overweight people, regardless of gender. While some health issues are more prevalent in women than men, it is clear there is a long term negative impact on an obese person’s health.

Psychological Impact

Another aspect that needs to be considered is the psychological and social impact of obesity. Whether it is fair or not, there is a social stigma attached to being obese. Accompanying this is often a lowering of self-esteem, social anxiety disorder, or general depression. The combination of the physiological and psychological aspects of being obese can aggravate the overall situation.

Moving Forward

However, a solution can be offered that will be a starting point from which to positively move forward from a person’s current state of obesity. Some may consider this a cure, but it is simply a way to deal with the problem now – today – and take small steps to gain control of the situation, and your life.


Positive Acceptance

Accepting the reality that there is a problem to deal with is the first step. This is not to be an acceptance of reluctance but of knowing there light at the end of the tunnel. Begin walking toward that end with the idea that while a problem exists it is not beyond your ability to gain control over. This may take the form of getting involved with a support group or establishing a positive support structure that will encourage you to take the small steps necessary.

Prescription Medications

A visit to a doctor can help the obese person by prescribing a dietary regimen in combination with FDA approved anti-obesity drugs such as Xenical or Belviq. Two basic ways in which the drugs reduce weight is to curb the patient’s desire for food or to inhibit the absorption of fat in the body, both resulting in eating less food.


There are a few select surgical procedures that can be used for obesity, but these tend to be more of an imposed solution rather than a personal way to control a person’s obesity. The intent of this article is to let the person know they can be in control of their situation without going to extremes. Getting your weight down to an acceptable level is better done by taking control of it yourself, as this is likely to produce better long term results without any side effects. And you will feel more in control of your life so that you can move forward and confidently accept the new lifestyle that will come as a result.