10 Best Bodybuilding Tips For Faster Muscle Growth

If you are trying to get some massive gains in the gym, then you need to be doing all that you can to make sure your body is working for you. There are reasons that some people have great results in the gym with just enough effort, while others slave away but never seen the gains they dream of. Here are 10 bodybuilding tips that will help you grow muscles faster.

Eat Right

It may sound obvious, but if you are looking to replenish your body after the gym, you need to make sure you eat and eat correctly. This doesn’t mean candy bars and ice cream sandwiches, but lean meats, vegetables, and even some good fats. You can still eat upwards of three-thousand calories a day if you are looking to gain muscle, just make sure it’s the right kind of calories.

Load Up On Protein

Part of that diet should be making sure that you get plenty of protein. Protein should be the staple of your diet, consuming about 1.5 grams per pound of body weight. If you don’t eat enough protein, your body will go into an anti-catabolic state, and start feeding off itself. Make sure you have enough other nutrients to assure this doesn’t happen.

Eat Multiple Smaller Meals

When you are eating, make sure to eat multiple small meals rather than fewer large meals. Your body needs the energy to power you through the day, so it’ll be easier on your stomach and muscles if you have smaller meals that can be broken down quickly and fed out to your muscles. Larger meals are harder to break down, and they also pass more nutrients away that aren’t quickly absorbed.

Take Supplements

Taking supplements is a good idea for those looking to get serious gains. This doesn’t mean taking anything dangerous. Instead, consider things like BCAAs, creatine, protein drinks and more. There are a variety of options, so consider talking to a fitness or health adviser to get the right idea.

Drink Water

There is a reason that bodybuilders and serious athletes carry around a jug of water with them everywhere they go. Water helps break down nutrients in your body, as well as refuel your body. It’s important to get rid of the soda and alcohol, and start chugging the water if you want serious gains.


Get Plenty Of Rest

Your body recovers the most when you are getting plenty of sleep. Rest and sleep is oftentimes the most important hint to getting serious gains, as this is the time that your body is working hardest. Make sure you get a solid night’s sleep on a regular basis, and it’ll help you get those great gains.

Train Wisely

When you hit the gym, make sure you train smart while you are in there. If you are in there on a daily basis, but not doing the right exercises or overworking your muscles, you’ll never see the proper gains. Be sure that you mix things up and workout properly when you are in the gym if you want to notice the best gains.

Do Your Cardio

Part of that training smart idea is doing plenty of cardio. And if you hate hoping on the treadmill, consider joining a cardio class or doing some sort of activity to get your heart rate up. Cardio will help you shred fat, which will make you look to have more muscle mass as well.

Don’t Skip Leg Day
The last tip is to make sure that you work your entire body every time that you are in the gym. You’ve probably seen plenty of jokes about skipping leg day, but this is a horrible thing to do if you are trying to get big. Your legs help with the rest of your weightlifting goals, so it’s important to make sure you compliment the rest of your gains with these type of exercises as well.

You can be your physical best if you do things the right way. Consider the tips on this list to assure that you are making the most of your time in and out of the gym, and working smarter towards great bodybuilding gains.